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1 March 2019
It's BBQ Time!
Please join us for good food and company as we celebrate our new members in a few weeks on Sunday 3 March from 12:30 PM- 2:00 PM. 
Delicious Texas BBQ and bread will be provided. Please bring a side to share with new members and guests. If you know you will be attending, sign-up Online here. You may drop it off in the church kitchen on Sunday before or after the services.  
We are also looking for a few good Lutherans to help with set-up and clean-up on Sunday.  If you can help, please reply to this email or call the church office and speak to Tessa at 713 782 6079 or show up, particularly after the BBQ! Remember many hands make for light work! We need your help! 
If you'd like to bring some of that good brisket home, respond to this email or see Jonathan Braun or Mike Jeffers on Sunday. We have whole and half briskets available for $80 and $45, respectively. Funds raised go towards future Fellowship needs.
From the Pastor
Brighter Than the Sun He Glows
Our Lord Christ encourages us in our mission by showing us his glory at his transfiguration, confirming to us that the Lenten cross will not represent defeat, but victory. The church prepares for Lent along with Peter, James and John by seeing the glory of the transfigured Lord Christ. We see the exalted Lord only through his suffering and death. The transfiguration is a high point in Jesus' life and ministry. Jesus wants us to recognize by his transfiguration that, while the church is the church of the cross, it bears the cross by a triumphant faith. Through this triumphant faith it is also destined for glory, "of glory that the church may share, which Christ upon the mountain shows. Where brighter than the sun he glows" [LSB 413, st. 1].
Sunday's Scripture Readings & Hymns

Hymns: 821, 413, 414, 631, 585, 417
Lenten Lunches
Could you be our next host or hostess for our annual Lenten Lunches on any of the following dates: 13, 27 March or 3 April?Lunch is served out of our Fellowship Hall after the Wednesday noon services (1:00-ish on Ash Wednesday and 12:45 on subsequent Wednesdays). If you could help 
facilitate one of the meals, please contact Tessa in the church office
 713 782 6079.
Every One His Witness

Began 10 February, 9:45 AM- 10:45 AM 
Fellowship Hall
Pastor Murray is leading Sunday morning Bible class through the new LCMS evangelism education program. This program called "Every One His Witness" prepares you to share the faith of Jesus Christ with the people around you. The program is designed to equip us Christians to share the gospel in their everyday lives with the people whom God has placed into relationships with them. We will address the reasons why we witness through a theological foundation for witnessing and explore how to witness by introducing the LASSIE approach for witnessing.
If you have suggestions about things that you'd like to see in the Memorial Messenger, please let the office staff know. We would love to hear from you.

Rev. Dr. Scott R. Murray
Senior Pastor
Memorial Lutheran Church and School
In This Issue
Let Us Pray
For Royce Mosby as he approaches surgery

For Michael Koutsodontis as he continues treatment

For LouAnn Webber as she continues treatment

For those families affected by the floods from Hurricane Harvey
Midweek Lenten Services

Join us at Noon (with lunch following) 
and 7:00 PM on these upcoming Wednesdays:

6 March- Ash Wednesday
13 March - Lent 1 
20 March - Lent 2 
27 March - Lent 3 
3 April - Lent 4
10 April - Lent 5 

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