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15 September 2017
Storm Recovery and Relief
LCMS Relief Disaster Response Teams have arrived in Houston. MLC&S needs to know what your needs are. If you have flooded, please respond to this email or email Wayne directly to let us know your status. Please include your location and contact information. 

For those who would like to contribute, you may send a check to MLC with "Relief" on the memo line or click here for our PayPal Relief link and we will see to it that it is spent on the needs of your fellow members (and any remainder would be forwarded to LCMS Disaster Response) or you may contribute to LCMS Disaster Response directly. 
From the Vicar
Jesus Isn't Religious
Modern life is complicated. Just ask anyone who didn't grow up working with a computer, cell phone, or tablet. We pin the blame on tech for complicating our life, but difficulties far older and more fundamental than using an iPhone have been stirring up trouble from before recorded history. Man faces the more fundamental problems of how to discern right from wrong, truth from error, and good from evil. "How shall we then live?" is a simple question with a complicated solution.
If you are awake to these questions, you've experienced both the fright and the excitement they stir up. In a world of truth, right, and goodness, the chances both to succeed and to fail abound. In our efforts to answer these questions and live accordingly, many of us have turned to religion to alleviate the burden. Religion gives us a secure purchase on meaning, purpose, and the potential for good in this life. Religion also seems to simplify life's problems, putting them in the perspective of eternity, assuring that in the end, everything will be okay.
Fortunately for us, Jesus isn't religious; Jesus is God. What Jesus has in store for us is a solution greater to any problem we imagined. Jesus offers us the solution to sin: his sufferings and death. Instead of the answer to life's problems, you have the Creator and Redeemer of life, that dying with Him you might live forever. Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.
Sunday's Scripture Readings & Hymns
Hymns: LSB 609, 581 (5, 11, 12), 501, 611, 351, 793
Adult Instruction It's not too Late!
Sundays 9:45 AM-10:45 AM
10 September 2017 - 21 January 2018
Church Library
Why should you come to this class?
1. To learn more about the basic 
    teachings of the Christian religion.
2. To reaffirm your faith.
3. To join Memorial Lutheran Church as a member.
4. To learn what your children are taught at Memorial         Lutheran School.
If you are interested in taking this class, please contact Pastor Murray. Come and join us!
If you have suggestions about things that you'd like to see in the Memorial Messenger, please let the office staff know. We would love to hear from you.

Rev. Dr. Scott R. Murray
Senior Pastor
Memorial Lutheran Church and School
In This Issue
Let Us Pray
For those families affected by the floods from Hurricane Harvey

For the family of Brenda Blackwell in this difficult time

For Susan Narr may she be given strength 

For Susan Bomar as she seeks therapy
Christian Education Night (CEN)
Wednesdays Thru 15 November
5:15 Dinner
6:00 Classes

Pastor Murray and Vicar 
will lead a class on Luther and the Reformation

We are looking for a few good hosts! CEN is delicious because of you- contact Mandy Day or the church office for more info!
Memorial Lutheran Church | smurray@mlchouston.org | http://www.mlchouston.org | http://www.memoriallutheranschool.org
5800 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77057

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