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16 June 2017
Nominations for Director of Parish Music
Memorial Lutheran Church & School (MLCS) is working to fill Cantor's position. If you would like to submit a name for consideration, please click here or submit a written nomination to the church office, complete with your name and contact information. Nominations will be received until 30 June 2017.
From the Vicar
Love to the Loveless Shown
It is easy to love that which is good. It is not easy to love that which is evil. In Romans 5, Paul tells us that God showed us His love while we were enemies of God. We became unrighteous by the fall of Adam and were evil in God's sight. But God showed His love for us by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to die on our behalf, replacing our wickedness and unrighteousness with the righteousness of Christ. He no longer sees the rebellious people that we are under Adam, but He sees us instead as those clothed with the righteousness of Christ.
Sunday's Scripture Readings & Hymns

Hymns: LSB 836, 834, 562, 571, 921
Support Pastor Wokoma
Pastors are being well-trained at the seminary and sent out to spread the Gospel at great risk and great reward. Please help this continue, share your ideas for raising funds, or support this wonderful mission with great implications.
Please send a tax-deductible gift to: The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, P.O. Box 790089, St. Louis, MO 63179-0089. Checks should be payable to The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, with "Support of Wokoma - Africa" in the memo line.

Gifts can also be given securely online through the on my missionary page on the LCMS website
or call 888 930 4438 to speak with one of the Donor Care representatives.
As we say in Africa, "The cow without tail, it is God who drives his flies away." The condition is still extremely critical as I not only have to make up the very large deficit in my funding account, but I also have to raise the necessary funds for the next fiscal year which starts July 2017.
If you have suggestions about things that you'd like to see in the Memorial Messenger, please let the office staff know. We would love to hear from you.

Rev. Dr. Scott R. Murray
Senior Pastor
Memorial Lutheran Church and School
In This Issue
Let Us Pray
For the family of Pastor Oesch as they mourn

For the family of Natnael Abiye as they grieve

For Carolyn Curry as she seeks therapy
St-Onge Support
Are you curious as to what our previous associate pastor, Pastor St-Onge, is up to? You can keep up with him via his online newsletter.We keep a copy of his newsletter on our bulletin board near the Church Library and Music Room but you can also view current and past newsletters online at intheway.org. Check it out and help support his missionary work in the Caribbean and Canada- he also has a great need to be filled!
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